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Green Beauty and Healthy Lifestyle Examiner Katarzyna Sadej (A.K.A. Kasia) is a professional mezzo-soprano, singer and voice coach. An activist for wildlife and environmental conservation, Katarzyna has been a researcher of natural and toxin-free cosmetics for many years and decided to start this blog (which began as a natural beauty column on Examiner.com) where she could voice her suggestions, advice and opinions about various cosmetic products and healthy lifestyle. She is a brand ambassador for healthy, toxin-free and eco-friendly beauty brands and she is proud to help promote companies that are honest and that formulate products free of nasty additives. As a voice coach, she is also an advocate for healthy lifestyle (through fitness and nutrition), since our bodies are our instruments that we cannot replace.  

Kasia first became concerned about the cosmetic products being put on her face and body through her work onstage, on film and in photographs as a model. Models, actors, musicians, and performers of all kinds often must wear lots of makeup and wear it for long periods of time. After hearing about the potentially carcinogenic additives that are present in most popular brand name cosmetic products, Kasia decided to become an advocate for natural, carcinogen-free, paraben-free, biodegradable and cruelty-free products that also do not harm our environment through the production process. 

Katarzyna is also a lover and photographer of animals and wildlife; she works to raise awareness for endangered and threatened wildlife through photos and activism. Check out and follow her INSTAGRAM account devoted to wildlife and music!

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